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Rocking Out with the 🤘.ws Emoji Domain Owner

Burton Rast wouldn’t say 🤘.ws affects my business at all. The impact I typically realize is personally based. It’s the joy of the reaction from friends and colleagues who didn’t know emoji domain name registration was even possible.

Typically, when I see brands using emoji domains, the effort feels equal parts gimmicky and ephemeral.

However, when the association between an emoji symbol and a brand develop organically, typically driven by passionate users of a given product, the fit feels far more natural.

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Weapon Depot and 🔫.ws

“Around 70% of our current traffic from 🔫.ws is coming from social media,” says Robert Sirianni, Jr, owner of Weapon Depot helping us stand out from the crowd of other gun sellers.  

After the purchase of 🔫.ws traffic to WeaponDepot.com increased by 300%. This increase can be attributed to our activity on social media marketing the pistol Emoji.  The pistol emoji is making Weapon Depot socially engaging for users. It is advancing our social commerce experience and driving consistent traffic to our site.

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