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Some of the worlds most iconic and powerful brands use emojis and emoji domains as part of their marketing strategy. Emojis transcend borders, languages and technology. The emoji language is already integrated into your mobile phone and grew exponentially starting in 2007 when Apple included the emoji keyboard in their iPhone, which was quickly followed by Android-and Microsoft-powered phones. They’re not just a fad that is here today, gone tomorrow and as they say, a picture’s worth a thousand words.

At the very beginning ICAAN (the Internet’s governing body) allowed emoji registration in the .com tld. Since then they decided it might lead to confusion and disallowed it. The .ws extension is considered "the gold standard" for emoji domain names similar to how .com is viewed for non-emoji domains. The ".ws" extension is one of the very few that supports emoji. In fact, you’re pretty much just limited to .ws, the extension commonly referred to as an abbreviation for “website.” 

Utilizing emoji domains as "URL shorteners" that redirect to a company website could have a tremendous impact on a brand’s ability to convert shoppers into buyers. Social media teams could change every bio, post or image link to redirect with that brand or business campaign message.

The picture is the most important structural element in magazine advertising, for both consumer and business audiences. An interesting and proven fact is that the human brain recalls images more easily than than words which can result in the message or information being more easily retrieved by your customers.

Businesses are all vying for the attention of the customer so they must make it easier for people to instantly recognize and remember their message. Make it super-easy for those customers to pass that message on to their friends and family.
All domain sale payments are made through  Upon purchase of a domain name, W.E.B. will create a registrar account that gives you full access to your domain name. If you are looking to transfer the domain to your own registrar, we'll provide ongoing support to ensure your transfer is easy and efficient.

As the leading brokerage firm for premium emoji domain names, our mission is to introduce marketable emoji domain names to the right client through our easy to use platform and excellent service.  We help to make the most of your emoji domain registration and search, no matter how many emoji domains you need. Speak the language in your marketing campaigns that your customers can understand!